Pharmacogenetics at Park Family Healthcare

Pharmacogenetics allows you to understand responses to medication based on individualized genetics.

  • Understand Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) risks by understanding each patient's individual genetics.
  • Many patients share the same diagnosis, but do not share the same response to the same medications.
  • Understand and stratify Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) risks by knowing each patient's individual genetics.

How does pharmacogentic testing help to make a more informed treatment decision?

In a recent pilot study of 363 polypharmacy patients, pharmacogenetic testing provided a more complete understanding of patients’ conditions and treatment options.

  • The average patient was on a dozen medications which had a genetic link.
  • 43% of the meds prescribed had a genetic conflict, 30% of which had a major conflict or outright contraindication.
  • 38% of opioid patients had a CYP conflict.
  • Among those taking SSRIs, 39% had a single gene conflict, and 44% had conflicts with both CYP and SLC6A4.

Not all medicines are the best fit for every person.

Anti-depressants (SSRIs)
Arthritis Drugs
Asthma Drugs 40%
Alzheimers Drugs
Diabetes Drugs
Cancer Drugs

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